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The body holds the answers- and is always talking...are you listening??

How To Align Your Thoughts To Live The Life You Want
How To Align Your Thoughts To Live The Life You Want
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How To Align Your Thoughts To Live The Life You Want

We have more than 64,000 thoughts a day. Many of them are the same ones we had yesterday. If we want to shift what shows up in our life, we can start with our thoughts.

In this program, Melanie will discuss the 4 biggest blocks that people have in their thoughts, which result in attracting things aligned with those beliefs. We then start finding and understanding those beliefs that are the biggest detractors and blocks in our lives. Finally, you will learn how to start aligning your thoughts to what you really want in your life: places we want to be in all areas, feelings we want to feel, and experiences we want to have.

This program is a combination of videos, writing, worksheets and exercises- all delivered to your email that you work on at your own pace. For all backgrounds, beliefs, and experience- a hallmark and foundation of healing and empowerment. 

Melanie has been teaching this work for over 15 years. It has helped hundreds of clients to re-align and focus what they want to work in their lives, bodies and minds. She is honored to be able to share this info in this format, that would normally cost her normal hourly rate- for a more accessible rate to reach more people that want to heal! 

**For our programs, you pay what you can and what you feel like the program is worth for you. We have three payment options and you get to choose how much you pay for the program. Regardless of the payment option you choose, you still receive the entire program. 

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