Thoughts Program Lesson 5

Going Forward 

Continue to notice how things are changing in your life as you align your thoughts. We tend to forget what has changed as we continue to focus on those hard things that we still want to change.

Remember how much you are doing and changing-- you are doing great!!

You can work at any pace- and do a little, a medium amount, or a lot with thoughts. No path is right or wrong- it is just taking the time to get right with ourselves and move in the direction that corresponds with that energy. You can focus on what is "off" in your life, and start moving into places that you can simply improve or make better for yourself. When we align our thoughts, the things that don't match up start going away and the things that we do truly want and know we deserve start coming into our lives. 

So what are other areas you can work on?

Think about those things that you want or feel like aren't working in your life. Categories that I like to focus on are:
Life fulfillment- are you living life the way that you want? Do you feel content at the end of the day? If not- why? Do you need to change your attitudes, your beliefs, your environment, etc?
Connection- relationship to self, to others, to higher power. This is a huge factor that determines happiness and success in our lives. What can help you in this area?
Career- we spend a good amount of time in or out of our homes making a living or caring for our families. What changes could me made here so that you could feel life being easier, more fulfilling, and happier?
Health and Wellness- how are you taking care of your mental, emotional and physical wellness? Are you taking time here to keep your life in balance?
Life Goals- where do you want to be in 5-10-25 years-and what is the embodiment of what you would be need to thinking and aligned with in order to be there? 

These are just examples, and by all means, you can work in whatever categories that are important to you.

In case you have lots of things that you are wanting to change, lets give you the chance to get them all out of your head here! You can download the PDF worksheet here or jot down these questions on your own. 

Moving forward how are you going to align your thoughts to get what you want? What is it that you actually want?

Now go back and prioritize in order(ish) which ones are causing you the most problems and/or blocks in your life.

Now decide which ones to tackle first and put those in order. (doesn’t have to be in order of blockages- some of the bigger ones are harder to face, and that’s okay!!)

Come back to the list and check off/remind yourself how much you have accomplished. Take it easy on yourself, and you will have success! This shit is not easy-- or everyone would be doing it!!

Congratulations on your shifting and growing!!

Please share with us your changes and thoughts about this program- we are excited to see what is next for you! 

Take care of you <3