Thoughts Program Lesson 4

GREAT JOB!!! Welcome to the new thought world! How's it been going?

Assessment of Application

Answer the questions below. You can download the PDF worksheet here or jot down these questions on your own. 

List the intentions that you applied in your daily life.

How was the process?

Was it easier or harder to keep coming back to the intention?

Were there a lot of negative thoughts that got in the way?

How did you keep yourself on track?

Don't worry if you have only done a little, or none at all. All parts of our system have to get on board with this process, and sometimes it takes a while.

What to do if you get off track
We wanted to see what your "go to" was before we gave you a bunch of ideas. What are the things that get in the way? Do you naturally judge yourself, give up easily because "you aren't doing it right/perfectly," get overwhelmed, freeze, avoid, "forget," make excuses, judge the process (say "it" doesn't work!), etc? These are all natural and normal processes of any type of change or self- growth work. They are expected and can be noticed, loved, and reeled in. Here are some tips you can use to help...

Tips for Integration 
1. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t make too many changes at once. This can be overwhelming. Picking one or two things to focus on typically produces better/sustainable success for people.

2. Be kind to yourself. This is a process and re-learning how to think and align your thoughts is no joke. It will take time, so have grace with the parts of you that rebel or want to sabotage.

3. If you become a Negative Nellie and go back to old thought patterns, don’t despair-- every breath is time for a new start. You have hundreds of opportunities to begin again each day.

We usually need a "win" for our ego to buy into the process, so if you are still struggling, try something pretty easy that isn't a trigger or something you really want or think you need. Can you start with something that is just a little annoying versus trying to shift the big stuff that is wreaking havoc in your life? Those things might take a little bit more time- but its good to have some visible results in the meantime. 

If on the other hand, you are rocking it out and shifting a bunch of stuff, also make sure you are:
1. Keeping track of the results with journaling or a list so you can remember if and when it slows down
2. Being graceful to yourself so you don't get burned out from pushing too hard. Middle path is always a good place to play when we work on pattern and habit change.

Keep up the great work! Keep chugging along and recording what it happening for you. 


Next lesson we will discuss long term implementation and tips for all that you have learned so far!