Thoughts Program Lesson 3

Since we can’t control or change all the things that happen in our lives, we can choose to change the way that we think about them. The thoughts and things that make us stressed and then ultimately sick are because we choose not to come to peace with them. We cannot change the past, we can only forgive it and find peace within it.

Learning to understand why it came into our lives can be a challenge. Our country is based on victimization. We learn to blame other people and things for the “problems” in our lives rather than recognizing that we play a part in attracting them into our lives to begin with. Not that we ask to be hurt, but rather we consciously and subconsciously draw these things into our lives. Things do not happen to us, they happen for us, for us to learn and overcome.

Ultimately, understanding how all these elements come together will help us to understand why we think the way we do and then begin to take control of those thought patterns, and change the ones that we don’t like or that don’t work for us anymore.  

The Law of Attraction states that whatever our world view tell us, then we attract that. We bring it into our lives to make it true. If you think that you are or are not something, then it becomes true.

Third Exercise 

Now it’s time to work towards getting what we want! Answer the questions below. You can download the PDF worksheet here or jot down these questions on your own. 

What are you struggling to shift in your life? 

What would you like to create in your life?

How would you phrase the above statement or statements in regards to creation? Are they in the present and in the positive? Are you using the the verb “I am” or “I love having or being.” If not, rewrite them as intentions and affirmations below. 

How would your life look with these things coming to fruition?

Start using these affirmations and intentions in your life. When you witness your thoughts going in the wrong direction, replace them with your new intention until it becomes second nature.


Next lesson: Applying it in the world!