Thoughts Program Lesson 2


The stressors that we blame for our stress don’t really hold all the fault in how we feel. More so, it is our perception of these stressors and situations in our lives that are the true cause of stress.

If you can, consider this: all situations and things that happen are not good or bad, they are actually neutral. It is when we judge them to be different than they “ought” to be, do they actually become positive or negative to us.  

We have heard these sayings our whole lives:

“Things happen for a reason.”

“There is good and bad in all things.”

“Whenever a door closes a window opens.”  

"It is in God’s hands.”

“Everything happens the way it is supposed to.”  

Yet when something bad happens, then we can sometimes throw these philosophies all out the window, right? This resistance of accepting what happens is really what causes the stress.

So, if everything happens for a reason, then what is the reason? Rather than blame or feel bad, can we look for the lesson behind what it happening? It’s simple, but not always easy to do! We have come to this life to learn certain lessons about what it is to be human, to understand how to feel many emotions, and to be on both sides of every situation. When we don’t learn what there is to learn, then we lose the opportunity to grow, and unfortunately, we doom it to happen again and again until we learn from it. When we get/see the good from every situation then, and only then, do we fully participate in our lives. From that, we learn strength and resilience. This is how we better handle stress and don’t allow it to affect us as much.

Second Exercise 
Reflection- Why don't you have what you want? 

In relation to the video, Four Ways We Attract What We Don’t Want-- 
Where have you done the same? What is blocking you?

Answer the questions below. You can download the PDF worksheet here or jot down these questions on your own. 

What Is
Where have you submitted to the fact that things are “just the way they are” (beyond healthy acceptance) and not looked beyond what you see in “what is?” List the areas of your life where you find yourself saying, “well that’s just how it is.”

What’s Not
Where in your life have you thought about what is lacking or what is not in your life, thereby not looking at what can be for yourself? List the areas of your life that are not what you want.

What’s Always Been
Are there areas where you feel in bondage of the way things have always been- in your family, group, institution, society, etc? List the areas of your life that have always been the way that they are. 

What “They” Say
Are there people in your life that you think will look down at you or think poorly about your decisions and deciding to go after what it is that you actually want? List the areas in your life that are holding you back because you are afraid of what the other people in your life would say or think. What has held you back?

Bringing It All Together
What would life be like if you didn’t have the above blockages in your life?

Which blockages are you ready to give up?

Answer and reflect.

Next lesson: How to align the thoughts correctly