The body and mind remembers everything. We can go to the physical body, we can go to the energy of the body- but the missing piece can sometimes be the neural pathways set up and the blockages in the subconscious mind. We can correct many things, but if the system is still trying to neutralize an old trauma, belief system, or gap in development, then we can not heal or operate as efficiently.

Melanie works with several different types of subconscious healing, each designed for different purposes. While working with myofascial therapy and energy work, and witnessing how the body held and released trauma and injury, she wondered if there were a more efficient way to clear the trauma rather than one incident at a time. "BEST" was the first modality that answered the call, and the healing moved leaps and bounds. Not having to know, or process, the trauma in the tissues allowed clients to heal much quicker. It seemed to get the body into parasympathetic state much quicker and gather up the energy spent on neutralizing old trauma, using this for the conditions and symptoms that were presenting.

There is much theory and science to each one of these methods, but what clients can attest to, is that they work. Added to a regimen of bodywork and wellness/lifestyle changes, we are able to see remarkable reduction, healing and reversal in body and mind conditions- and release in mind blockages and obstacles in business and life success!

Here are the Subconscious Resetting services that Melanie offers.


The body can only heal in the parasympathetic state. A subtle energy technique, this method resets and then replaces the need for the imbalance in the body, going to the subconscious mind and synchronizing the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems.


Rhythmic Movement Training (RMT) explores the role of babies’ natural developmental movements during various stages of development:

--Before birth
--The first six months after birth
--As they get up on their hands and knees
--As they learn to walk


A body dialoguing technique derived from craniosacral therapy that allows the body to release physical or emotional trauma from the subconscious and body memory.