"Melanie has been such a g-d sent to me! I am so grateful to have found her. I have had a lot of trauma in my life and was diagnosed PTSD by my Dr. a few years ago. Melanie's work has helped me be able to get off some old bad habits and live a normal, happy life. I am a walking billboard for her talent and knowledge. I feel like there is nothing she cannot conquer. She is like the body whisperer! Super amazing, professional experience!"

"A little over a year ago I started seeing Melanie. I had recently had thyroid surgery and needed to figure out why I was feeling the way I felt. It has been a transformational year. A combination of B.E.S.T., body work (massage/cupping) and energy work has changed everything. I am so grateful to have found her."

"I have been seeing Melanie for about a year. I and my son have had personal sessions and I am currently taking an energy healing class. She has helped me see what I and others have been unable to, whether in my body or in the more subtle parts of life. After almost 20 years of inconsistent spiritual self-practice and various classes for healing, I have Melanie to thank for supporting me in my own healing and developing a regular self-practice. This has come from her help in simply showing me how my posture can be better aligned and performing hands-on body work, to teaching me how to recognize when someone is taking my personal power or when I am giving it away. She seamlessly blends her support with both a Viking’s strength and a guru’s flowing gentleness. I look forward to continuing my journey, with her in my tribe!"

"I was very skeptical when I scheduled my first appointment with Melanie. But I was HEAVY in spirit and body, exhausted and unsure of where to turn. I was referred to her by a very good friend, so I was hopeful.

"The healing that has happened over the last year and a half has been life changing for me. Melanie didn’t 'fix' me in a couple of sessions; instead, she worked with me to help me see my path and get tuned into my soul. The energy work and body work that Melanie does can’t be explained by me, but needs to be experienced. She has a true gift. While I often make appointments just for the body work, I often leave with new ideas of new things to try or an intuitive tip to help me tackle a challenge. In the end, working with Melanie has helped my body and spirit become more free and joyful."

"I can't say enough good things about Melanie! She has helped me heal through multiple traumas with her energetic work, and shown me the light when I was lost in the dark. I've seen her for a variety reasons from needing to heal, to wanting to destroy old patterns, to just needing to relax and she always knows just how to provide. I love all the different healing modalities she uses, especially the cupping, but the best part is that even if you don't know what you need or what you're looking for...SHE will know. She has a magic about her and a true sixth sense for knowing just what will help your physical and energetic body relax, heal, and bring ultimate health and happiness. Love, love, love her!"

“I highly recommend Melanie! I contacted her 2 years ago after some friends and family mentioned they've worked with her. Their stories of healing intrigued me so I made an appointment. I don't live in the area (Oakland, California to be exact) so I wasn't expecting more than one visit, however, my first visit was nothing short of miraculous."

"I wasn't sure what to expect, the descriptions I got about other people's experiences ranged from massage therapist, reiki style work, body work to energy healing. SHE IS ALL OF THAT, and more! I had some knee pain that wouldn't go away, Melanie focused attention there with gentle touch and after what I can only understand as a miracle, I felt my knee weep. I felt like I shed years of crap and emotion and pain in ONE SESSION. I've learned that the mind may forget, but the body keeps the score." 

"Thank you for saving my daughter's life."

"I find her coaching style so encouraging, grounding and let's face it, it's amazing to have a resource outside of your everyday circles!”

"I feel my work with Melanie has made me a better person, wife, mother, colleague and friend, daughter, sibling and an overall human. If you want to work through past stuff (we've all got it), explore current situations or plan for the future - Melanie is your gal! I cannot recommend her enough!"

"Melanie is a wonderful combination of grounded intuition, gentle nurturing body and energy work, and direct authentic guidance. Her depth of knowledge, training, and vast experience lends to a humble confidence that is pure magic for the soul. I was able to dive deep into my own healing through her holding safe, tender and sacred space, as well as providing me with the validation I needed to move forward past stuck areas in my mind and body. What a joy it is to know that Melanie is living her calling. I am so grateful to have her as a healing resource in my life. Omaha is so lucky to have Melanie Osborn - Balance Matters as such a high vibration and sacred healing resource. I cannot say enough good about her, and highly recommend you check her out today!"

"Melanie has changed my life! So grateful that the universe lined me up with her! Healing at it's finest!!!"

"After several independent recommendations, I started to see Melanie for bodywork about 2 months ago. I’d been receiving myofascial release from another practitioner for the past 4 years and I was curious about the treatments Melanie offered.  Prior to my first apt., I was feeling an enormous amount of stress and anxiety relating to my 13 year old daughter. Stress with teenagers is not uncommon, but recently it had been exacerbated by a flare with her juvenile Arthritis (JIA).  Her daily pain level, stress level and mood has been quite unpredictable for the last few years.   She loves to play Volleyball and these unpredictable joint flares have limited her abilities with that sport, but more importantly have caused her a great deal of pain just walking around in life.  She has been under the care of a Rheumatologist for over 2 years and has been on prescription NSAID’s for that whole time.  She has also undergone painful cortisone knee and ankle injections, as well as oral steroids, and most recently prescribed immuno-suppressing medication (which we did not start). After a few of my own sessions with Melanie, I decided to get her opinion about my daughter.  Right away, she identified the stature of her feet, ankles, legs, and knees in addition to the amount of stress and tension she was carrying in her entire body. Her approach was from the ground up and from the inside out.  For the first time, I felt like we were addressing WHY this might be happening to her body, not just HOW we should treat it.  After just a few appointments, the shift physically in one of her feet and the reduction in edema around one knee was undeniable.   We then started the treatment, BEST along with my youngest daughter.  Not only has she now been virtually pain free for almost 3 weeks, we have discontinued her NSAID.  I can honestly say that our whole family dynamic is shifting.  For the first time, my daughter feels empowered with her health and not out of control.  She is making better choices and is thinking more positively.  This has impacted our entire household.  The coaching that Melanie provides with her treatment is irreplaceable.  For us, this has included dietary advice, stress management skills, and pull-through plans.  I trust Melanie whole heartedly and my daughter does too.  We are so very grateful for her work."

"I started seeing Melanie during a time in which I had been feeling “stuck.” Over the course of a few months, we worked together to release negative energy stored up in my body and to change old thinking patterns in my mind. Melanie helped free me in all senses of the word so I could tap into my own creative energy, which has ultimately led me to find my passion and my calling. I have since started my own practice to help others reach a higher level of health and wellness. I adore Melanie’s smile and her love for all things in the world. She intuitively knew what I needed each time I saw her and she has a powerful ability to bring together the body, mind, and spirit. I am grateful to Melanie for being my partner in healing and helping connect me with my higher purpose."

"I started working with Melanie, following a period of significant change and loss in my personal life. At that time, I knew that I was also ready to make some big changes in my professional life.  I will never forget what she said to me as I finished my first session with her, “nobody ever comes here without something important in their life to work on". I knew at that point that I’d found someone who could assist me in my journey to the next phase of my life. I’d spent two years in talk therapy, over five years practicing yoga, but I knew deep in my soul that a lifetime of holding onto old patterns and hurts had definitely had an impact on my body, soul and spirit."

"Health challenges precipitated my visit to Balance Matters. Being introduced to Melanie Osborn, I found a wise, loving healer who introduced me to healing practices to compliment my current medical treatment.  What I have learned from Melanie and her staff over the past year and a half I have integrated in my life with scientifically measurable results. I mention her methods are proven because our world is very "results" driven. As someone who is naturally skeptical, I can attest the real proof is in your improved feeling after a visit.  I believe the applications could be helpful for a range of disease. Being open to the possibilities allows Melanie to help you achieve a  mind/body/spirit balance, because it is true BALANCE MATTERS!!"

"Melanie and I began a process that continues to this day. Together, we opened up my body, soul and spirit to all that was ready to be made manifest in my life. I established a new business in what is meant to be my heart’s work for the remainder of my life. It takes courage to leave the corporate space, but I completed the transition this year and work from a bright and sunny space in my home. My body is changing, opening up to that which I held inside for so long. I am so grateful for the gifts that have come my way in the past year."

"I have been several places for healing help.  First I started with the good old fashioned American doctor.  I had mood swings, anxiety, food allergies, sinus infections, physical pain in my body, hips, back, neck, shoulders.... I also went to numerous chiropractors and other holistic healers.  I wish I had met Melanie years and years ago!  All of the pain I could have kept myself from.  But we all go through what we go through so we can grow, so I met Melanie at the perfect time."

"She has always been kind and professional.   What is so nice is when you have an appointment with Melanie, she is with you 100% that entire time.  The phone isn't ringing and the doorbell isn't either.  It is quiet, comfortable, creating a safe space for me to heal."

"Melanie's techniques also helped me with my diet and digestion and now I no longer suffer from food allergies.  I can eat pretty much whatever I want as long as I am moderate. She has also helped me organize my life better so I can handle myself and those around me without getting overwhelmed or stressed out."  

"She gives 100% of her attention when it is your session.  She is kind and professional.  I do and will continue to recommend her to people who are serious about getting well.  If you need help with migraines, anxiety, depression, back pain, reoccurring life issues she is an excellent resource."

"I checked out her website and immediately asked her about BEST.  I went through the program and gained so much.  I feel lighter, less weighted down by life and worries.  I feel like my life has a clear direction.  I feel so much more balanced.  Even her bodywork treatments, those are like gold.  It's hard to put a five star when she deserves so much more."

"Melanie has developed and honed her gifts, along with training in massage therapy and other bodywork modalities for more than 20+ years; she has experience and training in a large array of services from which to draw upon to assist you in your journey of health and wellness.  I would recommend you check her out for yourself!"

"My work with Melanie opened pathways inside of me I didn't know existed. It has caused me to gain a new career in soul coaching and I discovered the possibilities are endless. Healing through hope, clarity and action!"

"Thank you for helping me manifest my dreams!"

Kari Krenzer, MD, pediatrician and headache sufferer for almost 20 years, began using Melanie's techniques and became virtually headache free (except for those long, stressful days at the office!) She told us that she had been taking ibuprofen every single day since college for daily headaches and was happy that she didn't have to suffer the effects of what that might do to her body.  She states that she shares Melanie's techniques to her patients with headaches at least once a week!

"I can't say enough good things about Melanie's work. Without Melanie's expertise and the methods included in her programs, it's safe to say that I would have ended up on disability, and I would have lost my job and many of the relationships that are dear to me. Instead, I have been free of migraines and prescription medications for approximately two years, and I'm back to doing all of the things I enjoy! I have learned a tremendous amount and I feel great - thank you!" KD, Omaha, NE

"When I began using Melanie's techniques, I was having several, multi-day headaches each month, with many tension headaches thrown in.  It was to the point that I had more days with headaches, than without.  Within a couple of months, my headaches were drastically reduced.  I'm am now down to one headache every month or so and very rarely have tension headaches.  Overall, my well being has improved greatly because of her help!"

"I have been a patient of Melanie's for approximately 6 months and the amount of work that we have done is, to understate, amazing.  My physical and emotional bodies were definitely ready for the work that she does and it shows in my wellness as a whole."

"I have received treatment for nagging low back pain that has been an issue since a car accident when I was 17, compounded by years at a desk and another fall down stairs, I was led to alternative healing modalities when I realized that being heavily medicated with narcotics wasn't solving my problems.  I have been an active yoga practioner for about 7 years and not even that was enough to help my old injuries heal up.  I can note that with in the 6 months of a variety of treatments, from cupping to energy balancing to raindrop therapy, my back has never felt better!" 

"I am a BEST patient and I strongly believe that the BEST helps to keep my negative patterns from resurfacing.  BEST has healed the emotional parts of me that I feel were holding me back from having the type of life I really wanted.  With Melanie's help, I have really gotten out of my own way in a number of areas in my life and I am a much nicer person to be around!"

"While my work with Melanie has been healing and at times a bit intense (sometimes we don't like the reflections we see back when we look into our own shit), I can say that I have NEVER left feeling worse than when I came.  I have had experiences at other places that just offer a variety of massages and have felt like, while the therapist was trained, there was just a routine and no individual attention to the needs of my body.  this is one of the things that I appreciate most about Melanie, is that she takes the time to have a consultation with me to address my needs at the time.  Even if we discussed doing a particular treatment on my last visit, if for any reason that treatment is no longer appropriate there is no issue with switching gears for what is most appropriate for me at that time.  Melanie's gift of healing is just that, a unique gift and there isn't anyone else like her doing the type of work that she does in town!"-Jill H.

"I have had struggles with my weight my whole life...I can't even remember a time that food was not my main focus. I always considered myself a food addict. Things would trigger an insatiable a point that I felt I was insane. For years I have tried every diet on this plaent. sure, I would be successful for awhile but after time I would slip back into my old patterns of eating sugar and carbs...just plain JUNK! After Melanie introduced reflex work...for the first time in my life, I feel like a normal person when it comes to food. A miracle for me!!!!! I'm eating to nourish my body with good healthy bingeing. Words can't explain how grateful I am. Melanie is a total blessing that has come into my life. thank you for all you do...and your caring ways, Melanie!" -Susan B.

"About ten years ago I got myself into a relationship that was both physically and emotionally abusive.  I stayed in it for four years until it ended up in an "assault with a deadly weapon" charge for him and a subsequent restraining order.  I haven't had any contact with him, his family, or any of our mutual friends since then - I've cut every apparent tie and erased that chapter of my life.  However, since that day I've had recurring nightmares about him controlling me and about me trying to escape from him.  They used to be maybe once a week, sometimes more.  But in the past couple years they've been every day.  I felt like someone had cast a spell over me.  Even during the day I'd find myself thinking about the previous night's nightmare so an increasing amount of space in my head was being consumed by these thoughts.  They were such a regular part of my days/nights, though, that I really didn't see them as anything more than an unavoidable annoyance and tried not to dwell on it.  I just put up with it.

I met Melanie when I moved to town and was looking for care for my son.  He was having some adjustment issues of his own and she suggested I try B.E.S.T. with him.  In an effort to help my son's progress as well as a few of my own creative blocks I was encountering, I decided to try it as well.  I had one session last week and am going in for my second one today.  I didn't even realize until I woke up yesterday morning and the significance of it didn't sink in until I said it out loud, but I haven't had a single nightmare since that session.  Instead, I've actually had good dreams!  Two evenings ago I dreamt that I was sitting in the sand on a beach and the ocean waves were washing over my head.  Last night I dreamt I was getting a B.E.S.T. session!

The only time I find myself thinking during the day about that bad stuff is now when I'm writing about it.  Otherwise I'm focused on my work or whatever it is I'm doing at the moment.

I still don't completely understand how it works, but I know it does - and in ways I didn't even expect.  It's clear that my body knows itself better than I am consciously aware of.  She is somehow able to allow my self to heal itself.  It's not like she did something to me - she just made it easier for my body/mind to function in it's optimal state.  I've heard it said that balance is essential for proper functioning, but I didn't fully understand or appreciate how true that really is until I had some of my imbalances corrected.  I feel like someone might feel after they've had a year or more of therapy.  I'm one that doesn't respond to what some might call more "conventional" therapy so I never even would have considered that route.  I am so thankful that I was brought to Melanie and B.E.S.T.  I'm definitely going to continue my treatments.  I feel like I've broken through a wall that's been holding me back and now I can confidently move forward with all these plans and ideas I've been sitting on and know that if I get off track I can just go back for another B.E.S.T. session.  It's amazing.  I feel like I'm not even doing anything and I feel the effects.  I'm also thankful that my son is getting B.E.S.T. as well and he's able to be the smart, caring, kind, balanced person I know he is and wants to be without force or medication.

I don't think I've ever written a testimonial for anything before, but it's the least I can do to say thank you."

"With energy work, (I) was able to break my reliance on caffeine. More work enabled me to stop taking my Prozac.  My blood pressure is down 20 points. I have clarified and come to deal in a much more realistic and healthy way, some of the past issues and hurts in my past."

"I would highly recommend Melanie. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable and gifted."

"I was referred to her by my chiropractor after multiple visits where my issue was not resolving. I heard plantar fasciitis a lot, but the symptoms were not entirely consistent. After a couple of visits with Melanie, my symptoms resolved. Since then I have seen Melanie for everything from cupping, massage, BEST, yoga and training."

"Melanie's coaching services helped me manage an extremely challenging year plus at work. The coaching in addition to body work assisted in stress management and more. I would not hesitate to recommend Melanie even though it will make it harder for me to get in to see her..."

"My 15 year old daughter was having persistent problems falling asleep.  We then entered her into a six week program which had remarkable results....gradually my daughter's number of nights in a row of falling asleep increased. Currently, we have sporadic occurrences, but she is 15 and to be a little out of sink occasionally is okay! It's amazing, but she really is happier, eating more healthy foods, and moving towards taking responsibility for her own body. Having her learn the relaxation techniques for herself will be invaluable to her the rest of her life!"

"Everyone who knows me notices this difference in me, the way I look and sound. My husband and family have hope again. I am laughing, smiling more. It's wonderful. I'm living my life again!  I can't wait to find out what tomorrow will bring... "

"I've taken all four of my children to Melanie, and each has been helped in their own way. Much needed personal growth, struggled for in many ways, came about seemingly effortlessly..."

"I was on blood pressure medicine when I walked into Melanie's that first day.  I cut down my dosage and in the last couple of weeks quit taking it all together. Last week my pressure was 124 over 79. It hasn't been that good for two years"

"I have gone from a crying, babbling, feeling sorry for myself and not understanding what was going on inside of me person--to a much much calmer, relaxed, ready to understand and except what I am, and how and what I need to do to change.  Sometimes while on the table I have emotional experiences but usually it is a very calming experience. When I get up to leave I feel so relaxed I compare myself to a rag doll..."

"While Melanie worked I did experience a variety of sensations.  I could feel things changing and reacting within my muscles and my "guts".  She read my body like a book and was able to isolate and improve a number of things I was dealing with: chronic back pain was gone; stiff ankle and hip were much improved; eczema improved overnight.  My body eliminated toxins like I had never seen before, and my stomach flu was cleared up.  I was very relaxed the remainder of the day. I felt completely different than I did when I went in. After only 2 sessions I feel like my overall health has improved, and the specific problems I was having are long gone..."

"I was referred to Melanie to help with a variety of things that I, myself was not sure I needed. After conversations with her we decided to see where the appointment took us, She is a strong healing practitioner with a tremendous grasp on how to read what an individual needs. She has guided me and has made me feel grounded that in essence has enabled me to move forward and create focus in work/family. I would highly recommend her for cupping, massage meditation and coaching in any area of body work. She is 100% focused on making you feel better, stronger and energized."

"Boy o boy, (husband) sure is grateful!   HE came out saying that as this bad-back stuff usually takes two weeks to get over, you put him forward about a week-and-a-half.  Thanks so VERY much".--wife of a client who had one session of energy work whose back went out at work due to computer work and stress.

"Overall, I feel better. I have more energy and less aches and pains..."

"My husband's psoriasis and cholesterol levels are much better, without any other interventions having taken place..."

"For 10 years I have had fibromyalgia. I went from doctor to doctor trying to find a reason and solution for my illness, but my body just became weaker and weaker. I went to water therapy and physical therapy, which helped some, but I still experienced pain flare-ups almost continuously. The pain would be set off by stress, a dental cleaning, being startled, the cold, windy air, etc. I felt I needed a handicapped parking permit because it was so painful to walk from my car to the building. The cold weather kept me in the house for weeks at a time. I felt hopeless. My body felt so much older than it actually was--I was almost an invalid. I was so over-sensitive to nearly everything. Driving the car over bumps was extremely painful. If I bumped my glasses it hurt my face so much, I had to quit my job in a department store, stop homeschooling my sons, I couldn't eat many things, I was not able to go out to dinner with my family or go to my children's sporting and activities. I cried in frustration and pain sometimes every other day.

I have been a client of Melanie's for over a month. Looking back, in only two days after the first session with Melanie I noticed that I wanted to listen to music in my car (I hadn't for 2 years) again and my head was not as sensitive. I went to a boy scout dinner with my family and I actually sat down and ate with them. My husband was amazed. The children running around the room near me didn't make me fear that they would bump into me.  As the days went on I found I could do more and more. My strength was growing. My family and I are able to do things I felt I could never do again! I haven't cried in weeks. I have been jumping on a mini trampoline and my bounce was so weak my feet were not able to leave the mat. I was only able to do a short work-out of less than 10 gentle minutes. Now I can JUMP as high as I can and jog, twist, etc. for 30 minutes each day. I feel so wonderful!!!  I can walk up stairs faster, reach into cupboards without getting a stool, bend down and get into the bottom drawers of the refrigerator, cupboard, drawers--impossible just a few weeks ago. I can sit on the floor and play games with my boys again. I have strength and energy. I can pick things off the floor, I can do laundry, cook dinner, carry things, I can eat a variety of foods again, I am sleeping better, am so much calmer, happier, more peaceful.  Today we celebrated my son's birthday with 11 of his friends at Planet X and it was so wonderful--stress free! I would not have been able to do this two months ago. I feel younger and look and feel so different. Each day I have something new to add to what I can do. My neck was so stiff and painful--now feeling better each day--it has not felt like this for many years. The healing that has happened in my life has been a miracle!!! "

--This client came to me diagnosed with fibromyalgia, obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, and anxiety.  We have been working with her doctors to wean her off of her medication.  She was taking many supplements, sleeping pills every night, anti-anxiety medication, and anti-depressants.  We replaced her supplements with food (after reducing her stress that would allow her to eat). She takes a multivitamin and acidopholus to rebuild her immune system.  We've got her off of her sleeping pills, anti-anxiety meds, and anti-depressants all with little or no side effects.  She has received bodywork and energy balancing, has learned relaxation and coping techniques, does breathing exercises, is doing yoga and meditation daily, and has a new outlook on life.  We work every week on new goals that she wants to accomplish.  She has completely reversed her OCD, is sleeping better than she has in years, is more focused and calm, can take care of her family again, is working on clearing the clutter in her house, and looks like a totally different person...she's done so much work to get herself better!!  Congratulations!!

"I am a 47 year old mother of two teenagers with substantial stress from home and work. I was ready for Melanie to balance my body. It was amazing! I mentioned in the orientation that my shoulders were bothering me and I had recently been checked out for carpal tunnel syndrome. When I was on the table, the first points Melanie touched were exactly where my stress points were in my shoulder blades! During the same session, she asked if I had allergies as she sensed I was very congested which I didn't really notice at that moment. But then the lights came on when she said "your ears are really plugged up!" That hit home, about three years ago at the doctors office I asked him if there was anything I could do for my ears because they were plugged all the time. It was effecting my hearing. I had a hearing test which showed no problems. I would have to blow with my nose plugged to equalize the pressure in my ears so that I could hear.....this has become a habit as I equalize the pressure in my ears whenever I have trouble hearing my kids or the television, etc. The doctor did prescribe an allergy medication which I used for some time with no positive results. Melanie is currently working on "my head" to unclog me!"

"First of all, let me say that I have my bachelor's degree in nursing. I firmly believed, and still believe, in the efficacy of western medicine. However, I have come to also firmly believe that not only does western medicine have it's limits, that there are complementary strengths in things like energy, or body work.  Among western medicine's problem with this is it's lack of ability to put it in a double-blind test. Were just anybody to try to do what Melanie does, most frequently it would not work. What she does is not just a mechanical thing, it takes an unusual talent. Think of it like singing: while many can take the same lessons Barbra Streisand does, breathe the same way, duplicate everything she does -- the chance of turning out the same quality music is poor. And, how would we measure what it is that she does? Only by that very un-measurable sense of pleasure and beauty we get by listening. In the same way, energy work won't fit into western medicine's paradigms. My background, however, compels me to try. On my first session, Melanie put her finger on the RIGHT side of my back, half-way between spine and shoulderbone (scapula). At once, the area in my LEFT arm served by the ulnar nerve began to "buzz" -- feel as though it were actively tingling. I had her remove her finger -- the tingling sensation went away. Back on, it started. Off, and on. Demonstrably, there is something to what she's doing.."

"We are all very special people and many of us don't realize how good we are or how good we could be in all areas of our lives. It takes a lot of hard work to get to a place where we are happy with ourselves and actually like ourselves. When we are balanced and grounded we will have a whole new outlook on our lives. Melanie can and will help us get there. Thank You Melanie!"

"For those of you who don't know Melanie she is one of the most gifted and special people I know. I'm 55 years old and have had a lot of people time and feel very qualified to say that about her. She will make you feel like you are the very special and important person that you are! While on her table she has the gift to tell you things about yourself you probably never knew or had forgotten or tried to forget. All of our past experiences, good and bad are stored in our bodies and it is her gift to be able to very gently touch us and tell what we've been through our entire lives. Then help us understand, except and release those experiences..."

"...going to this makes you even more relaxed, and tends to get at the cause of problems that cause tense muscles, rather than just treating symptoms..." "It is my firm belief that Melanie is an unusually skilled energy therapist. Like a singer, she has talents and skills that not everyone can duplicate..."

"Aside from the educational information offered about how to personally achieve my wellness goals, the modalities Melanie offers at Balance Matters are as exceptional as they are diversified. I love Raindrop Therapy because it is incredibly relaxing, but it is also highly detoxifying. Massage cupping is one of my other favorite treatments. Whether I'm looking to relieve tension in my upper or lower back or if I'm just feeling sluggish, either is an option I'm pleased to select.

Perhaps the most beneficial service offered, personally, is BEST. It took me quite a while to understand exactly what it is, but the results were immediately noticeable. And once I understood what it IS, I realized that it doesn't matter if I "get it" or not, it still works. So, if I could recommend anything to someone experiencing BEST for the first time, don't focus so much on what it is, focus more on how you feel. It does what it is supposed to, just be sure you keep up with it. I've been doing BEST for almost a year now and my quality of life has improved dramatically."