MFR addresses the restrictions in the fascia and connective tissue of the body. The fascia is an extremely tough membrane that surrounds every muscle, bone, organ, nerve, blood vessel, and down to the cellular level. Fascial restrictions can result from accidents, injuries, repetitive stress, surgical scarring, abnormal postures, and emotional trauma. Any of these traumas can cause the tissue to bind down, exerting abnormal pressures and tensions causing pain patterns.

As a whole body therapy, MFR addresses the body as a matrix through the fascial system. This system functionally forms a continuous web from head to toe, and injury in any part of the system can have far reaching effects on other parts of the body. As the practitioners taps into the fascia's energy system, it is allowed to "unwind" and go back to its original state. Many times it can go back through the process that it took to get to its present state either locally or on a whole body level.