Kapalabhati Breath

Also known as Skull Shining Breath.  


  • Cleanses lungs and respiratory system 
  • Releases toxins 
  • Increases oxygen to cells 
  • Improves digestion 
  • Focuses attention 
  • Warms body 

When to practice: 

Kapalabhati breath is great in the morning and the mid afternoon slump. 

When to avoid:

Do not practice Kapalabhati breath if you are feeling dizzy, anxious or fiery. Do not practice if you are pregnant, or if you are experiencing any type of abdominal discomfort. 

How to perform: 

1. Sit in a comfortable seat with your hands on your belly. 

2. Take a deep, cleansing breath before you begin. Breathing in through your nose and sighing out of your mouth. 

3. Take a deep inhale through your nose, filling your belly about 3/4 of the way with air. 

4. Forcefully expel all the air from your lungs while snapping your belly back towards your spine in a repeated motion, allowing air to naturally fill in your lungs, without taking deep inhale breaths. 

5. Repeat this about 10 times, then break and allow your breath to return back to normal, noticing the sensations in the body. You can then repeat Kapalabhati 3 to 4 times.