Any type of emotional trauma or abuse can store itself in the body and mind. Many times it can manifest into physical issues or symptoms if not addressed. 

The good news about bodywork and coaching is that we look for a the solution, and don't need to retraumatize, or talk about the issues too much. We just need to get an intention of what it is the client wants to work on, and we can devise a treatment plan from there. Our goal is to allow the body and mind to feel safe enough to release old blockages and issues so that the body can heal and no longer "carry" the trauma around. Clients then notice other things, such as other symptoms, conditions, moods, and life getting better.

Depending on the case, we will use any combination of bodywork, CST, MFR, SER, RMT, BEST, wellness coaching, including relaxation, stress management, and self healing techniques.