Healing Coaching 

For almost 20 years, Melanie has been conducting individual and group coaching in the areas of holistic wellness, healing work, and success. (For business and healer practitioner coaching, find more information at:

Through the years, Melanie has worked and been referred different types of clients. Most of her work can be categorized into these topics:

Wellness- working with nutrition, fitness, lifestyles, thoughts, spirituality, trauma, mental and emotional wellness, life balance
Success- life fulfillment, goal setting and manifesting- and blockages that prevent us from achieving what we want in life
Business- working for a company or self, becoming congruent and balanced in your career, how you show up, what you want, how to get there
Family- dynamics at home, how we all interact, show up, and resolve conflict
Couples and Relationships- being independent, interdependent, and co-committed

This work can be done alone, or in conjunction with bodywork and/or subconscious work.

Work individually with Melanie for one or several sessions, or put a program together that best suits your needs.
Coaching rate: $95-125 per hour

National Coaching Groups 
Melanie brings amazing like-minded people across the country together to raise their energy and accomplish their goals. Group guidance is unique in that it allows people to gain clarity and achieve quicker than they would alone or one on one. The group energy allows people to break through blockages that have been in their way and go further with the group's encouragement and like-mindedness. Melanie's groups are an amazing way to get clarity, gain focus and "allow" your goals to pour in.

Melanie has been facilitating groups for almost two decades. She has a gift of bringing people together in a way that allows them to feel safe and break through to their true selves so that they can live in a truthful and fulfilling way. Members find a home with people that understand where they are coming from. Most participants find life long colleagues and friends through their experiences of growth and success.

Groups are generally 60 to 90 days, comprising of group calls with assignments and exercises to do in between calls. Members have constant access to Melanie throughout and are in contact with each other in between sessions to maximize their success.

Dharma Groups 
Dharma groups are comprised of highly motivated people who are focused on realizing one big goal and taking it as far as it can go in with the supportive energy of spirit and others in the group.

Business Blast!
Take your business to the next level. We will work on creating the business and clientele that you want, internal marketing, being congruent, how to "allow" your business to grow, becoming aware of your patterns of blocking your success, making sure that your environment conveys what you want it to, how to run your business most efficiently, how to make your work play, and more. Only for those who are ready to rock to the next level!

90 Day Transformation Groups 
Revamp your entire life in 90 days! Looking at the main areas of your life, we work together to co-create the life that you really want. In addition to bimonthly calls, exercises and assignments, you will connect to your group every day to stay on track!

New groups forming. Groups are 10 to 15 people.
For more information, email us or call: 402.350.6363

Other groups or individual work based on your goals:
Manifesting in Business
For sales or self employed people

Creating Health in Your Life
For those who are working at bettering their health

Aligning with Your Spirituality
Understanding universal laws and your higher self

Finding and Living Your Passion
Those who are going through transitions and wanting to live their true purpose

Massage Therapists
Creating the business and attracting the clients that you want

Healing Practitioners
Combining business strategy and universal principles to get to the next level