Melanie Osborn began her bodywork practice in 1998, which immediately turned into intuitive and energy healing and coaching, then speaking in companies and conferences. Always result based, she uses a combination of empowerment and wellness strategies in coaching; body work and energy work to release old injuries, traumas, and patterns; subconscious re-setting to neutralize blockages; and modern shaman work and intuitive connections to get messages that best serve the client. Termed "Modern Shamanism," each session is different based on the client's needs and beliefs, coming in their terms and understanding. Focus is always on reducing and reversing conditions, and balancing body and mind.

Melanie's background includes creating empowerment programs at the Girl and Boy's Club in the early 90's, working as an HIV educator in schools with the Red Cross, studying Psychology and Sociology at the University of Iowa, being a medic in the Army National Guard, training as a civilian EMT and paramedic, licensed massage therapist, certified yoga instructor, as well as in depth training in several types of bodywork, mindfulness, meditation and yoga, and trained in underserved populations by such programs as The Prison Yoga Project.

Melanie Osborn's mission is to bring healing and knowledge to as many people as she can in her lifetime. She is working on her next book "The Body Listener" with "Healing Stories" to follow, to help guide people on their healing paths. She lives with her son in Omaha, Nebraska, next to her enchanted forest, and is grateful to be rooted in the Heartland to ground her in this work.