Breathing Programs


Breath is life. It is our energy force. Without proper breath, nothing can heal properly. Therefore, it is the foundation of all healing.

I have found, with all clients, that the body will not (fully) heal in a stressed state. We can try every program, take every supplement, eat well, exercise, etc-- but without being able to breathe, and oxygenate the body properly, we are pushing boulders up a hill. When you get the basics of breath down, “magic” seems to happen.

I’ve had people who simply retrained their bodies to breathe properly reduce the symptoms of, and fully reverse conditions such as anxiety, headaches and migraines, digestion issues, anxiety, menstrual issues, auto-immune issues, chronic pain, depression, anger, and more…

Breathing techniques, alone, or with other techniques can help with these types of ailments, and simply to help us ground, relax, and deal with life more easily.

I have provided everything that I have taught in seminars and used with clients online for you to access through video, audio and instruction. My hope is that you can benefit from these exercises and information as much as I, and all my students and clients, have.

Enjoy, and take care of you,


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