We Heal PCOS Here

We Heal PCOS Here
Over the years I have worked on hundreds of cases of menstrual, female organ, fertility, and sexual issues. I have found that most of these go back to sexual and mental abuse, as well as complex issues having to do with simply growing up as a female in our society--yes, it’s actually a condition that seems to mostly be one of "having to survive..."

The collective consciousness in our country is now bursting at the seams in regards to our women coming out, coming together, supporting each other and healing individually and together. And it’s because of this trauma, their awareness, their pain, and their healing.

I feel compelled to share these courageous clients' beautiful stories of healing-- written and shared with full permission.

I have witnessed so many "me too's" and fall to my knees in humble gratitude and honor to be able to hold space for this sacred and raw healing. I am guided, not by my brain, but by my gut, my guides, my experience, my professional cases and what I am called to do, and my personal healing.

Having done my personal and healing work for 20 years, I am now able to be present for the deepest work that gets done in weeks instead of months, and months instead of years. By going to the body's wisdom, we are able to get amazing results based only on my clients' willingness and pace that works best for them. I am in constant awe at this magical process, one of which I am simply the facilitator and witness. The only healing that is done is done through these amazing warriors' strength. As written in the case below:

"That session we did work surrounding my symptoms of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), in which I was developing cysts, having irregular periods, and experiencing extreme ovarian pain. Melanie opened me up to the idea that these symptoms are impermanent, and simply reflected my past sexual traumas, my treatment of my sexual organs, and most importantly my inability to claim my ovaries and sexual organs as being my own. I have been separating myself from that part of me for years to suppress the trauma. The cysts are my ovaries’ way of creating “armor” to protect them.

She gave me tips on how to reconnect with myself. Those tips included reclaiming all parts of my body as being mine and part of me, telling my ovaries that I love them and that I’m sorry and that I will take care of them. She encouraged me to talk to them as though they are a wounded child, which made sense to me.

I did this work diligently, and my body responded.

I could feel movement in my ovarian area after speaking to and loving them, and one day I experienced something even I couldn’t believe until I spoke with Melanie about it. I was using the restroom, and looked in the toilet afterward, and saw a couple of small white balls. I am confident that those were small cysts I had passed through the work I did. I was elated and began to understand that PCOS does not have to be permanent. It can all be reversed so long as I do the work."

I have seen these so called “life long” diagnoses heal in ways that one could not believe. All "female problems" have a bill that is sold and bought as disease and imbalance-- when in fact they were formed, and can be lessened, and sometimes fully "unformed."

When we see the body as a perfect machine, designed to adapt and survive-- and that all things that the body does are what is right with it, rather than wrong-- then we will truly begin to understand ailments, conditions, and trauma. (In other words, in this case...PCOS, and how it is treated is complete bullshit. Let's talk about why the body has it, and how we can help it heal, rather than calling it anything less than perfection...)

As a scientist in heart and mind, I can only say that the body and mind connection is the most powerful presence on the planet-- the bounds of which are unparalleled. I will continue to report and write as I hear the encouragement of so many saying "me too" and how seeing yourself in these posts helps you, or someone you know, on your healing path as well. I continue to be in complete awe of your courage and perseverance...

We are one. We can heal. Wherever you are is perfection. And you are so loved.

<3 <3 <3

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