We Re-Build Feet and Foundation Here

We Re-Build Feet and Foundation Here

I had this great client who was referred to me- she had lost 100 pounds a few years back, worked out at the gym a lot, and was simply the best. Referred to me by one of her gym partners, she had suffered from a severe health incident and near death experience three years prior and still had a lot of trauma from it. She had also lost her dog the year before and was suffering from intense grief and lack of fulfillment in her life.

I knew she was in the right place when she had angels and light all around her when she came into the clinic.

When she arrived at the clinic, she had a ½ leg boot on, and a supportive casted shoe on the other foot. She had hurt her foot and couldn't work out, which she stated was the only thing that kept her moods up, connected her to a purpose, and kept the weight off. She was a pharmacist and had to be on her feet all day long. We worked on a lot of different things in regards to life purpose, mission, connecting to Spirit, etc.

About the third session of work- she came in and told me she had gone to the doctor to get a check up on the progress of her foot. The doctor wasn’t happy with the healing and found that she had formed an ulcer on her other foot and the other areas were not healing. He wanted her to come back in two weeks and if there still wasn’t progress, he was going to have to put her in a cast, and start thinking about surgery.

She was sad and depressed, thinking that she still can’t move or work out was devastating to her. The doctor also told her that she would not be able to be barefoot for the the rest of her life.

As I tuned into her energy, I told her that she was simply getting new feet-- and though we didn’t know how things were going to turn out, I told her what that doctor said was bullshit. It always drove me nuts when medical professionals gave absolutes and prognoses when there were other options and possibilities. This science, the science of healing, has to do with many factors. It is a long, beautiful equation. And if all factors stayed the same- yes, it would seem that the outcome was the way that they had seen it. But what most don’t take into consideration is that if you change those factors in the equation-- then the outcome changes. It's science.

So I told her, if she did something different- then maybe she could change the outcome of her condition. I did stress that we aren’t attached to the outcome, but if she could suspend her disbelief that she couldn’t do anything with this condition, that she didn’t have any control over this body, that the body can heal if given half a chance- then we very well might be able to do something here. At least it was worth a shot-- and at least she could connect to her body and see what it needed. She was open to the idea.

I had her put both feet on the ground, sit in a grounded position and showed her how to pull energy into her body. Unsurprisingly, she felt it right away and did what any earth angel would do-- feel light going through her body. I always laughed because most people work so hard-- their faces scrunch, and they use their left brain to see if they are doing it right.

Energetically sensitive people, they just zip it up through the body as if they have been doing it for lifetimes-- because usually they have… I had her ground her feet first, and drop them into the earth, working on the arches and putting roots down deep into the the earth’s core. Then pulling energy up into the bones and muscles of the feet. Then filling the silhouette of her body, noticing where it was, where it wasn’t-- and pulling it into the areas that weren’t fully connected. Like most, she said she started feeling a little dizzy and lightheaded. I had her slow down for it to subside.

We got the energy all the way through her body. I told her to do this a couple of times a day, that it might be more challenging to do outside of our session, but it was worth doing. She said she would.

She came back two weeks later with downgraded apparatuses on her feet. I smiled. She told me she had done a little of the energy opening, but not as much as she “should have.”

She said that she had gone back to the doctor and the ulcer on her foot was completely healed. And that her doctor said she was a "medical enigma."

I smiled.

Yep, welcome to the world of self healing. Your body and mind have just gotten disconnected-- now it’s time to reunite.

Of course, she got out of the boot, then into shoes- back to the gym, then back to Jazzercise. Her new feet- and footing, seemed to have start serving her better. Once she became connected to the earth and knew there were other options.

Don’t ever let anyone else determine the power of your body and its ability to heal. That’s between you and you- higher power- and science. And as humans, we have barely scratched the surface of what the body is capable of doing, why it heals, and why it gets sick and out of balance in the first place. But what I do know, is we heal here- and I am blessed to be able to witness this mystery- and science.

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