"Tell her to eat a f****** salad!"

"Tell her to eat a f****** salad!"

I love all clients- but there is nothing like the first session for peeps. No matter if it's a one shot deal, short or long term work, we always get the most info and resources in that first session. Going through their history- and then...it's on.

I never know what's going to show up. Sometimes we get to relationships, career, health, fitness, diet- sometimes we get right to the trauma that caused the conditions we are healing- sometimes something "downloads" really quickly, an uncovering or huge action step that can help them launch into healing- and sometimes we get an animal totem, spirit guide, or past loved one that has just been waiting to connect...to give info or guide the client. This always is the hardest...one, because I am a scientist and after 20 years, I'm still not sure if I make all this shit up...and two, it cracks me up when it comes through because it's usually outrageous enough that I don't "get" it, but...I have to tell them or, I suffer. (I get a migraine if I don't "report," --more about that some other day.)

So when one of my new clients came in last week, we did so much uncovering in the first hour and she had a couple of guides come through, that as we were wrapping up and I was finishing writing her "list" of action steps, someone started yelling at me..."tell her to eat a fucking salad!!!" I just laughed. But it wouldn't go away. And got louder. And louder.

I knew this gal was going to be totally okay with it- because everything else hit spot on. So I shook my head and looked down, and said "okay, last thing...they won't shut up until I tell you this...." and told her, then paused.

She heartily laughed, threw back her head and said "that's my mom- she used to say that all the time..."

You can't make this shit up. We talk to dead people here- and sometimes they give nutritional advice.

😜❤🙏  So she added it to her list, because she "knew" it was right.

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