Ownership Of Our Ailments-- Video Blog

Ownership Of Our Ailments-- Video Blog

I have clients that come in for various ailments and conditions that they are experiencing and are wanting to heal. When we begin to talk about what the client is experiencing often times I hear phrases such as "MY fibromyalgia" "MY car accident" "MY back pain." I wanted to over the fact that releasing our ownership of these injuries, ailments, and trauma is one of the first steps in allowing full healing to take place. 

Our bodies seem to really listen to what our minds tell it. When we reaffirm and claim our ailments in this way then there is no reason to resolve or the trauma to leave our bodies, because the body still think this old trauma and injury is actually still happening and current. It's allowing this experience that we are having to not be permanent, but instead temporary. So we can gently and gracefully begin to let these things go.

The work is to begin to see these ailments, or various traumas/situations that have happened as temporary so the body can then begin to heal.

So instead of saying "MY car accident" can we begin to say "the car accident I was in" "the trauma that I had" "the fibromyalgia that I was diagnosed with" "the back pain I am/was experiencing" in order to let the body know that it can heal from whatever it is experiencing.

That doesn't mean that your body is just going to heal over night or heal because "we wish it away." But once we release ownership they we can begin to see how the body is ready to heal. Often times our we can hold on to these ailments because it's part of our identity, and we want it to stay that way- due to fear, going forward, releasing old thoughts and beliefs. So can we can slowly recognize what we really need and begin to start releasing our ownership of our ailments? Then our bodies are free-er to continue the healing process. 

Check out my on-line thoughts program that helps many clients start aligning their thoughts with the healing they want to see in the body. Aligning thoughts to healing and wholeness has been super effective in reducing and reversing conditions in my clients. I hope it can help you, too! 

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