Boys Cry...and Heal...Here

Boys Cry...and Heal...Here

Boys cry...and

I have a sweet, strong and sensitive 8 year old boy who was diagnosed ADHD that was referred to me because he gets in trouble at school. He gets reprimanded for not being able to control his body and has a hard time concentrating and completing his work in class. His self esteem and confidence suffers, and he had lots of emotional outbursts before we started working together. He loves bodywork because “it makes him feel buzzy.” He comes every other week for a ½ hour, which we do energy work, BEST, reflex work and coaching. I also work with mom and dad advocating for him in his school which in three years hasn’t offered or discussed any services or plans they can give the boy and want him to be medicated. The principal actually said to them, “my daughter has allergies, so we give her medication for that. Your son has ADHD, so you need to give him medication for that…” The mother, who is a pharmacist, and her husband, decided to not medicate him.

Last session, because he is doing so much better in the classroom, we talked about some issues about a bully on the playground. I got the okay from mom to introduce my bully empowerment steps and to delve deeper to do some role playing and brainstorm some solutions.

We discussed why the playground controlling boy has the right to decide who can play basketball or not, with the group. (Everyone is brainwashed into believing he is in charge and actually ask him whether or not they can play.) I asked my client why he asks him, and he wasn’t sure. I got more info and then I told him he had permission to just go play without this boy deciding it was okay. I gave him examples of what he could say to him and the group, and after some time, I could tell he was getting overwhelmed and freezing.

I asked him how he felt in his body. He pointed to his throat and said it hurt. I said “its hard and scary to say things like that, huh?” He burst into tears, and then shame and embarrassment flooded over his face. I asked if I could hug him. He said yes, and as he tried to hold his emotions back, I encouraged him to let it all out. So he sobbed for a couple of minutes. I reassured him of how strong he was, and that he was fully supported. Then I told him that it was not only was it his right to stand up for himself, but it was his responsibility. (we had gotten him into martial arts, so I knew he was ready for this empowerment…) We talked about how no one can take your power unless you let them, so even if we are scared, we can be strong. I smiled and told him “you can borrow my strong until you have your own, okay?” He nodded and smiled meekly through his tears.

We talked about channeling his higher power. For him, I knew it was God (he just had his first communion last week) and Jesus, and then saw Archangel Michael behind him, so knew it was time. We talked about angels and how archangels were God’s special angels and some people can actually feel their strength when they are around us, you just have to ask them for help. I told him he didn’t have to do anything- didn’t “have” to stand up to this boy or do anything, but if and when he was ready, he could call on God’s energy that runs through him to be strong for him, even if he is scared. Then we did some BEST and cleared his subconscious to let it all sink in. When we did energy work, he could actually feel the electricity coming out of my hands. He said when I was on his feet he could feel it in his head and when I was on his head, he could feel it on his feet. I told him his whole body was starting to reconnect, because now he could say what he needed to say and his mind and his body were getting more connected. Then he felt his back get all tingly. He was all smiles and empowerment. I can't wait to see what happens with that kid on the playground. This sweet angel boy has a heart of gold and so much compassion. When he matches it with new confidence, esteem and worth- there will be no end to the grounded power and strength of good that this young man will possess.

I'll keep you updated, meanwhile, remember- good boys do cry...

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