Bodywork With Melanie: A Client's Story Of Her First Bodywork Session

Bodywork With Melanie: A Client's Story Of Her First Bodywork Session

Most of my clients come to me without really knowing what I do or what bodywork is. I have clients come in for all sorts of ailments, and they were told by someone that I can help them heal whatever is that they are dealing with. Bodywork is hard to explain, you kind of just have to go through it to really understand. Below is a story of one of my client’s first experiences with bodywork.

“It was winter of 2014 that I was on the table with Melanie for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew little detail about the work she did besides the fact that it was called “bodywork” and that it dealt with healing and releasing stuck energy. I figured out what that entailed rather quickly. I remember being on her table, under a cool sheet, in a serene room with yummy soothing smells and soft music playing. She came in and started working on my body, she began at my ankles, simply placing her hands there. Instantly I felt the warmth beaming out of her hands into my ankles.

She worked her way up to my hips, and explained that I could “let go and open up these hips.” After she said that, I felt a surge of energy radiating from my left hip and out through my left foot. I remember we struggled to get my right hip to do the same, as I was partially freaking out wondering what the hell was actually going on! When the right side released, I was buzzing from head to toe.

I remember her standing behind my head, and asking me if I had a traumatic head injury. In that moment I couldn’t recall, but later realized she was referring to my bicycle incident when I was 8. I flipped and landed head first onto the concrete, causing a small hole in my head from a rock, leading to stitches, and a concussion.

After that, I remember her touching my hip, and saying “I keep seeing this motion from you.” I looked at her, and she was simulating me holding something in my right hand, then jerking to the left, and jerking to the right. I immediately knew that she was referring to a car accident I was involved in when I was 16. I was in the rear passenger seat, holding a sprite cup from McDonald’s in my right hand. We were then T-boned by a utility van on the left side of the car, causing my head to collide with my friend’s head to my left, and then I hit my head on the window to my right; I moved in the same way that she demonstrated. I had a concussion and then had to have physical therapy on my hips, which were knocked slightly out of alignment. Melanie released that stuck energy from my hip that day.

Another instance I remember from this session was when she was behind me with both hands on either side of my jaw. She sensed tension, and I told her I was diagnosed with TMJ sometime in high school, causing me to experience jaw clicking and jaw pain. She then said she was going to “work backwards” to release and heal. I remember my jaw began to move in all directions on its own, and my jaw clicking went away for quite some time after that.

Other things came up in this first session, it’s not super vivid anymore, all I know is that a part of me opened up that had never been accessed before and the experience was life changing.”

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