Angels Calling...

Angels Calling...
A new-ish client returned today and said “I have a weird question and wondering if you could help make sense of it. The first time I came here, and you were talking about all these angels that are around me, my ears starting ‘humming.’ I thought it would go away. And then I got the flu, so I thought it was that. Now I feel better, but the humming is still there. Is that a ‘thing?’”

I began to smile when she started talking. Yes, actually, I think it’s a ‘thing.’” I told her about the many reports of buzzing in ears when angels are present and/or have something to say to you.
She had come in for her first session for many ailments and a horrible near death experience years prior that she wasn’t healed from emotionally or physically. I thought we were going to get her right on the table and do some energy reading and bodywork- but her guides went crazy when she sat down for her assessment. I knew that she had special energy- and could tell immediately that she was an empath and had spent her life absorbing everyone’s energy around her. I saw angels around her everywhere.
She started telling me about her sickness and almost dying in the hospital. Her guides had shown me her ICU room and the one specific huge, white light angel that was in the room. The doctors had called in a priest for her last rites and there was an angel in the corner. I pieced this image together of where she was in the bed, and the location of the priest and the angel. I had asked her if she knew something was in the room- and she said, yes, she remembered seeing a white light in the room. She couldn’t understand how I had known that. I told her not to worry, I don’t know how I know it either. :)
We talked about many things and how she was a spiritual and religious person. And then, toward the end of the session Jesus showed up behind her in my clinic. Yeah, I’ve only seen him a handful of times. This lady is a special kind of special. She was picked to stay and has some more amazing things to contribute to this world. I felt so lucky to be able to witness such beauty- and help remind her of how amazing she is, and how grand life can be, no matter what the health level. I knew we had some great work to do together…
“So, what do we do about it- this humming?”
“Let’s tune in and see…”

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