As much as I have learned to embrace working hard and am a "do-er," I have learned from the wisdom within, spiritual teachings, universal laws, and personal application and experience- that things work better, faster, and more efficiently when you let things line up and align.

My ego gets in the way, because it still has residue of my "put your head down and barrel through things" and force it like a bull until it submits- though I know it edges out the unfolding of the right things in the right time.

So, instead I allow the restlessness, the frustration, and the insecurities to rise to the surface- and I sit in this uncomfortable place. And wait. And suffer some. And try to be patient. And submit. And relax and breathe. And ALWAYS comes. The creation. The download. My marching orders of what is next.

In this creation process, I am but a servant. With ideas and wants and passion, but the direction and creation is so much bigger than me. And my ego doesn't always like it. It makes me doubt, and question. And make up stories. And want to give up.

But then....sometimes right at the last moment, it allllll pours in. The beauty. The messages. The understandings. The right action comes forward. And it feels like nothing else. I find myself nodding. And receiving and talking back. And usually in complete awe. (Oh. Wow. Interesting. Uh-huh.)

It's nothing I could have forced or "made" happen. I just have to wait for it to "birth." Man, it's hard. But it's real. And true. It's me simply listening and reporting the Divine. And how it is "supposed to be done," how it's supposed to reach and help the most people, and it's not how I could have ever conceived it. The Creative Process. Not for the meek. Or the fearful.

We learn everything here- when we sit with ourselves. And the Divine. It's all coming...can we be brave enough to listen?? We learn how and practice here... #creativeprocess #wehealhere #vikingyogi #balancematters #thebodylistener #trauma #healing #alignment #download

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