The Word "Healer": A Video Blog

The Word "Healer": A Video Blog

A farmer farms, a singer sings, a teacher teaches, but a healer does not heal...

I don't consider myself a healer, and in my opinion there are no “healers.”

I call myself, because we need words and labels to understand certain concepts, a “Healing Practitioner.” It’s not a sexy phrase, and I’m cool with that. I witness. I am a witness to your healing, and I listen to the body. I just wanted to know how the body worked and why certain bodies were the way they were.

You are your own physician. I am just here to hold space for your healing. I am not in control.

I can help guide you to go deep into yourself in order for you to understand what is going on with your body, so you can determine what needs to heal, but please know, you’re not broken. And I can’t fix or heal you. That’s your job. I'm just here to serve your highest healing...💛

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